Glamis Castle

Exploring the Queen Mother's Childhood Home

A visit to Glamis Castle, the childhood home of the Queen Mother, is a truly unforgettable experience. Steeped in history and mystery, this stunning castle offers a glimpse into the life of a remarkable woman who would go on to be the mother of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Upon arrival at Glamis Castle, you are greeted by its grand and imposing facade, which provides a sense of the wealth and power of the nobility during its time. Its elegant gardens and lush parklands provide the perfect backdrop for the castle’s regal appearance. As you venture inside, the castle’s stately rooms and impressive artwork will transport you back to a time of royalty and refinement.

As you wander the majestic halls of Glamis Castle, you’re sure to encounter tales of triumph and tragedy, love and loss. Be it from the castle’s knowledgeable guides or the carefully-preserved artefacts, you’ll gain insights into the life of the Queen Mother, her family, and the castle’s significant role in British history. Undoubtedly, a visit to Glamis Castle provides an engaging journey into the captivating stories and sights of the past.

Glamis Castle holds a prominent place in British history and has been the ancestral seat of the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne for centuries. Its origins can be traced back to the 14th century, when a royal hunting lodge was constructed on the site. Over the years, the castle has been witness to some of the most significant events and stories that have shaped Britain.

As you explore this historic site, you will encounter countless examples of its rich past. One of the castle’s most famous residents was Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who later became Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. Born in 1900, she spent her early years at Glamis Castle before marrying Prince Albert, Duke of York, and eventually becoming queen consort upon his ascension as King George VI.

Glamis Castle has seen its fair share of political intrigue during its long existence. In the 16th century, it was the site of the infamous disappearance of the 6th Lord Glamis, who was accused of plotting against King James V of Scotland. The nobleman was eventually executed, and his wife and son were imprisoned within the castle walls.

The castle has endured through various conflicts, including the English Civil War, when it was occupied by the Earl of Montrose’s troops. Despite these trying times, Glamis Castle has been meticulously preserved and restored, serving as a testament to Britain’s rich history and the legacy of the noble families who have called it home.

Today, Glamis Castle is open to the public, offering you the chance to experience its captivating heritage firsthand. Through guided tours and exhibitions, you can delve into its storied past and appreciate the historical significance of this remarkable place.

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